Book Publishing on Amazon

One of the easiest ways to generate passive income is by book publishing on Amazon. This is something anyone can do even if you’re not a prolific writer.

In fact, you can easily outsource a combination of low content books as well as Kindle based fiction or nonfiction content and then publish them instantly on Amazon KDP.

With Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) you can publish your first story in a matter of a few short hours. With just a few quick ‘tweaks’, you can begin to generate sales with VERY little effort on your part.

Self-publishing is a powerful, yet simple way to start building income on total autopilot. Once you’ve published your books and created an optimized book page that drives in readers, you can virtually set and forget your listings and they’ll continue to generate royalty checks every single month.

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Hire a Writer

The truth is, you can easily find many freelance writers who are willing to create stories in any genre you choose, but the key is finding a high quality writer with writing experience in the genres you are interested in.

Since every genre requires a different writing style, it’s important that you find a writer suitable for the industry, and preferably, one who has already published stories in that particular genre.

Book publishing on amazon

You can easily find quality freelancers within the writing genre at and

Both and attract some of the highest quality, seasoned writers online. While you can expect to pay a bit more per 1,000 words, you’ll end up with a polished, ‘market-ready’ story requiring little to no editing.

The amount of time that you’ll save by hiring seasoned writers will pay off because you’ll be able to take the story, create a cover and publish to a global audience quickly and easily – with no extra work involved. No editing, no proofreading, and no changes necessary.

 When you create your ad or project outline, you will want to be as clear and direct as possible. You’ll want to include number of words as this will directly affect the cost of the book and the type of writer interested in writing it.

Start by providing writers with a smaller task, perhaps a 5k word short story to gauge their quality and reliability. If they pass the test, hire them to write longer books.

Fiction Publishing

Even with zero writing experience or severe writers’ block, you can still make a tremendous amount of money book publishing on Amazon.

Fiction readers are dedicated followers. By turning out an interesting story, you’ll be able to build up a loyal audience very quickly. This means that you need to be very careful who you hire to write your stories. You want your writer to be able to inject action, keep the story flowing, know how to summarize, carry out plot lines, create dynamic characters and write from different perspectives (first person, third person, etc).

Fiction writers tend to be the most flexible at book publishing on Amazon. They are able to cover everything from mystery, paranormal to romance. You’ll want to be clear about the type of story you are interested in having written, making sure that the writers you hire are comfortable with the topic.

Low Content Publishing

Low content bookIf you aren’t familiar with what low content books are, think about journals, planners and organizers. Journals are extremely popular in countless niche markets and very easy to create. In fact, you could have hundreds of low content books published in a matter of days with very little upfront costs involved.

For a proven way to create profitable low content books without lifting a finger, check out Low Content Mastery. Here you’ll gain access to a fully-loaded training course that includes all the tools you need to get started.

Regardless what genre you’re interested in, you can quickly find qualified and seasoned writers on marketplaces like

Create Your Author Central Account

There are countless tools available to assist in book publishing on Amazon. These tools will help you maximize exposure so that you can build a truly passive income channel. One of the most valuable marketing tools of all is Amazon Author Central.

With an optimized Author Central account, you’ll be able to:

• Track your book sales.
• Read and respond to book reviews.
• Allow readers to follow you on Amazon.
• Add an Editorial Reviews section to your books.

Before you can create your Author Central account, you’ll need to have at least one published book on Amazon. Once you do, head on over to to set up your free account.

Automatic Income

To maximize your income with KDP, you’ll want to publish books frequently. Work on creating a team of writers, an editor, and a cover designer to automate your book publishing on Amazon.

If you really want to automate the entire process, you could also hire a virtual assistant. A VA will collect the material from the rest of the team and publish your books via your KDP account. Once you have a team in place, you can continuously publish new stories in very little time.

In fact, other than publishing new books and checking your royalty payments, there’s very little to do. Amazon will do a great job at attracting readers and funnelling buyers onto your book pages automatically.

You can create a truly passive business through book publishing on Amazon, freeing up your time for the things you love. For more ideas on creating financial freedom through passive income ideas check out our recent article Creating Online Courses for passive profits.


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