Best Kitchen Essentials

It’s hard going from a big spacious kitchen to an itty-bitty RV kitchen. These are some of the kitchen essentials we have in our RV and would not be without! The quick list is below but keep reading for more details

Magnetic Spice Tins

There is an obvious reduction in storage space in an RV kitchen compared to the kitchen you are used to. If you are like us then pre-RV you had a spice cabinet chocked full of a million spices, most of which you didn’t use on a daily bases. We bought these magnetic spice tins from Amazon and pared down our spices to the essentials. 12 to be exact since that’s how many tins we got.

We keep our spice tins on the stove cover. When not in use they just stick to the lid and don’t budge during travel. When we are cooking they are ridiculously easy to access with the stove cover in the open position. If you prefer your spices tucked away, you can glue a piece of sheet metal to the inside of your cabinet door. That way you can easily see and access your spices but double-check the metal you are buying is magnetic first.

Dish Drying Mat

You may not have the storage, sink, or counter space for a traditional dish drying rack or even a collapsible over the sink rack either. We have found these dish drying mats to be super useful and way better than letting your dishes air dry on a tea towel. We picked up this one on Amazon with a handy drying rack so you get the best of both worlds.

Stovetop Kettle

We all love our electric kettles but in an RV an electric kettle is not always practical especially if you are dry camping. An inexpensive stovetop kettle is an easy purchase, you can find one just about anywhere but we grabbed this one from Amazon.


Now that we have the kettle sorted onto coffee. We swear by our Aeropress whether we are in our RV or at our former house. It’s the best and inexpensive way we have found to make coffee. You might see us recommend this a few places throughout the site but that is because we LOVE IT!

We prefer it to a french press because it is easy to clean up and it doesn’t take long to make two cups though you do have to do it one at a time. You can read about the different ways of How to Make the Best Cup of Coffee in an RV in our article.

We also recommend it as the perfect gift for the minimalist in your life. It’s sleek and compact and we actually received ours as a Christmas present. Best Christmas present ever! You can follow this link to Amazon to find out the latest price but it should be around $30.

Ceramic Knives

We love ceramic knives! They are awesome because they stay nice and sharp without having to actually sharpen them. Okay technically they will eventually need to be sharpened but they stay sharp WAY longer than a steel knife. This two pack from Amazon gives you a chefs knife and a paring knife which as really all you need

Just keep in kind ceramic knives are more delicate than steel and can chip if dropped or when cutting something super hard or frozen.

Downsizing your kitchen to fit into the small storage of an RV is no easy tasks.  But with careful organization and just the essentials you can have a fully functional camper kitchen with a fraction of the tools. Learn tips, hacks and ideas for what to keep in your trailer kitchen. #rving #rvliving #rvkitchen #rvlife