Best RVing Resources

There are many awesome resources out there to help make your journey a little bit easier. Between finding cheap gas or the perfect place to camp these are some of our tried tested and true apps and websites!

Gas Buddy

Gas Buddy is our favorite and most used app and resource. It gives you information on fuel prices, gas station locations as well as what fuel types are available.

All data is user input so if you are in a small town or less populated area the price information may not be available. But it does tell you when the price was last updated.

Another cool feature is the Pay with GasBuddy option. You can get a free account and save 5 cents a gallon or pay a monthly membership fee and save up to 20 cents per gallon! You just need to sign up and link your bank account and they will mail you a card to use at 95% of stations in the US.

They even have a roadside assistance program though we haven’t used it so I’m not sure if it would extend to RVs.

Check them out at or download their app. (not an affiliate link just an app we always use when we need gas)

Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts is a new venture which for a yearly membership lets you stay overnight for free with one of their partner wineries, breweries, farms, museums, golf courses, and other venues.

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The idea is you call ahead and let the host know you will be coming, arrive during business hours so you can patron the business as a thank you for letting you stay then you get to stay overnight for free.

The only catch is you must be self-contained. Meaning you need to have an indoor bathroom and kitchen as well as recapture all your black and greywater.

Who wouldn’t love buying some delicious wine and enjoying it overlooking the winery grounds! They even have a handy app!

We used a lot on our cross-country trek. It’s not the most mobile-friendly website but there are many free places to stay that have been user added.

What’s nice is it includes user reviews of campsites so you can find out what other people thought of the site and what sort of equipment they were using.

It also doesn’t include too many Walmart type sites since there are many other resources out there that lists the Walmarts that allow overnights. It also includes some sites that have a fee but it’s usually low cost.


We’ve been using Campendium more and more lately. They have a nice app and include tons of different sites, from RV parks to free/dispersed sites. Campendium is easy to use and has lots of information on facilities including cell service.

It also has user reviews so it makes it easier to get a feel for what people thought of a spot. It also lists nearby dumpsites so you can empty your tanks easily if you are on the road.