Best RV Essentials

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We spent so much time researching and finding the right products that were essential to our RV. Some of these we use every time we set up camp while others are less frequently used but no less essential

Leveling Blocks

Leveling blocks are a must have for your RV. You want your rig to be as level as possible when you set up camp, learn the whys behind this in our article, Why RV’s Need to Be Level. Since the ground isn’t always perfect leveling blocks are essential to getting the perfect angle.

We picked up two sets of Camco leveling blocks from Amazon one larger and one smaller. The larger set is 8.5″ by 17″ and the smaller set is 8.5″ by 8.5″. We usually just use the larger set since it makes it easier to align with the tires and can be used with the dual axel on our rear wheels. We’ve rarely had to use both sets of blocks but it’s nice to have the option when needed and the smaller blocks can double as jack pads.

Surge Protector

Your RV has many electrical components so it’s important to protect them. You never know what sort of electrical issues an RV park might have that can blow your fuses. We bought this Camco 30 AMP Dog Bone Circuit Analyzer, off Amazon which works well to check the campground power wiring before plugging your rig in. It also has a surge protector of up to 2,100 joules.

There are other brands and models available, you can check out our article on Buying the Best Surge Protector for your RV.

Water Filter

You never know how good or bad water at a campground will be which is why it is important to filter the water before adding water to your tanks or using “city” water. This water filter we got from Amazon filters chlorine and sediment from your water making it a little bit nicer to use while camping. Once you purchase the filter with adapter, replacement filters come in packs of two for a better deal.

Water Hoses

Now having a water hose may seem obvious but you actually want two hoses. One specifically for drinking water and one for flushing your black and grey water tanks. You want to have two hoses so there is no risk of cross contamination. As with most of our items we bought them from Amazon, our drink water hose is white and the cleanout hose is orange so there is no chance of mixing the two up. So far we have found that a 25′ hose is plenty long enough without being too cumbersome to store.

Sewer Hose Kit

You will want to invest in a quality sewer hose because nothing is grosser than springing a leak in while emptying your black water tank. We, fortunately, have not had to experience this thanks to buying a sturdy sewer hose set up. We bought the Titan 15′ Sewer Hose Kit from Amazon and it’s made by Thetford a reputable RV toilet manufacturer.

When buying a sewer hose kit, make sure it comes with a 90 degree transparent adapter so your hose doesn’t need to make a 90 degree turn when connecting to the dump station. And it being transparent will help you be sure your tank and hose are fully empty before disconnection.

Water Pressure Regulator

This is one of those items that may not occur to you until it’s too late. You never know what kind of crazy water pressure you will encounter at an RV park. If a park has very high pressure it can damage the plumbing in your RV which will be much more costly than picking up one of these pressure regulators for less than $10 on Amazon.

Our RV came with one when we bought it (we bought a used RV) but the one on Amazon in the link above is basically the same. Now it doesn’t let you adjust the water pressure but will reduce it to a safe 40-50 psi. If you want to control the water pressure then you’ll have to spend a little more money like this one also found on Amazon. If the water pressure is really low at the RV park then neither of these will help.

Valuables Safe

We were mildly worried about leaving our valuables in our RV, especially when we have parked in a city for the day exploring. We picked up this personal safe from Amazon which is designed to be used in dorm room. It fits perfectly under our jack-knife couch keep our valuables safely locked up and out of sight.

It rolls in and out for easy access and has a strong cable which we loop around one of the legs on the couch. It could easily be used under a bed or in a cabinet as long as there is a place to secure it too so a would-be thief can’t just walk off with it.

There are some essential items that make RV living much easier. These tips and accessories will make setting up camp faster and simpler. Learn what key items we wouldn't be without in our motorhome and what you really need in your travel trailer. #rvlivng #rving #rvlife